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Are there any additional costs?

  • Erection of kit
  • Concrete slab or piers
  • Council approval if required

Are the kits easy to construct?

  • Our Kits are supplied pre punched and cut to correct lengths to ensure accurate assembly.
  • Easy to read detailed construction manuals with step by step instructions are supplied with every kit.
  • Our service department and sales team will assist you, we are only a phone call away.
  • We are happy to provide an estimated build cost to ensure you don’t pay too much.

What is the quality of your buildings?

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty (15 years)
  • BlueScope steel used in our kits (peace of mind)
  • Stronger hold down system (won’t blow away in strong winds)
  • Member of the Australian Steel Institute (exceeds minimum standards)
  • Designed for all Australian conditions including cyclonic and snow loading
  • Exceeds minimum engineering requirements

What is the strength of your building?

  • When getting quotes always ask what the weight of the building is, the kit that weighs more for the same size building will indicate it has heavier steel components than the kit that is a lesser weight.
  • Generally the kit that is heavier in weight will be stronger and may cost more, in the shed industry all shed supply companies are buying steel for near the same price.

Do I need Council approval for my kit?

  • Some buildings will be exempt of Council approval; you will need to contact Council or a Private certifier to discuss your plans with them and confirm the approval required.
  • You will be supplied with a Site Specific Certificate signed by the Engineer which you may submit to the relevant Council/Authority.

What is wind rating?

  • Wind rating determines the engineering design and strength of your building
  • All buildings must be designed to a wind rating (N1, N2, N3, N4)
  • Our buildings cover the full wind code range including cyclonic and snow loading

IMPORTANT: To provide you with an accurate quotation we need to know the terrain and topography of the building site. Our staff are fully trained to determine the wind loading of the building based on your specific building location.

Can I make changes to your standard design?

  • Yes you can, we pride ourselves on being versatile
  • We encourage you to design the shed to suit your needs
  • Every kit is designed to meet your requirements

Where do you deliver to?

  • We can provide Nationwide delivery

What type of sheds and garages do you make?

  • We make everything
  • C section sheds, garages, barns and rural buildings
  • Universal beams for large commercial requirements
  • Web truss and frame buildings or standard portal frame
  • We cover the whole range of building designs

What do I get for my money?

  • The entire kit delivered to your site.
  • All engineering plans, slab details, architectural plans and a step by step construction manual.
  • Everything to build your kit will be supplied (no running to the hardware store to by extras)
  • There are no hidden surprises with our kits, everything is supplied to ensure you can commence and complete the building.
  • Customer support for the life of your building.