Farm Sheds

Steel Farm Shed Layouts

Steel Buildings Australia are committed to supplying farmers with the best quality steel farm sheds. Due to our superior design and engineering techniques we supply strong and robust steel farm sheds that are designed to last.

All of our steel farm buildings are manufactured from premium high tensile cold formed BlueScope steel. They are engineered with additional strengthening techniques and use our portal frame as the foundation. Our buildings are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions and designed to suit the exact intended site of your steel farm building.

Whether you need a farm machinery shed or stock holding building, we can custom design a steel building to suit your exact requirements.

If you're ready to get moving on your farm shed project, find your Local Agent and get in touch with them direct for a customised steel farm shed quote.

Farm Shed Designs

Steel Buildings Australia offer clients the capacity to create farm shed designs with almost limitless lengths, and specialise in designing sheds with dimensions that offer better value to the customer. As locals we understand that every farm has different needs and requirements depending on the livestock they carry, the size of the farm, and the local environmental conditions.

Clear spans up to 30 metres are possible on gable farm sheds. This makes storing large loaders and machinery, as well as livestock a breeze. By sheeting all walls and adding a large steel sliding door, you can even create a large storage shed for grain.

Australian Farm Sheds

Very popular among Australian farms, open front sheds provide protection yet really easy access. Featuring bays positioned side by side with variable and uneven widths, the open front farm shed can be perfect for those looking for versatile Australian farm sheds. With an open-front farm shed you'll be able to store hay in one bay, and machinery and equipment in another bay.

Certain bays can also be secure, by integrating internal dividing walls and roller doors. Having lockable space can not only enhance security, but allow you to create the maximum function and value for your site.

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